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New Zealand Trip blog - Part 2


The second stop of our trip was a quick pit stop for an hour or so at Ship Creek along the Haast Highway. This was such a cool spot to explore with a nice little nature trail that looped you through the natural wildlife habitat just off of the coastline. Here, I was able to capture some really cool birds within the foliage. We eventually ventured back towards the coast where I was able to record some really great waves at varying distances. For this small recording pit stop, I was still skeptical of my cables for my spaced pair of RODE NT5's, so I decided to use the my RODE NT4 Stereo microphone.

The recordings came out fantastic! The waves will need to be treated with iZotope RX to remove some slight unwanted wind bleed (it was really windy - and COLD), but other than that I definitely think I'll be able to find a use for these recordings for future projects!


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