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New BOOM Library Release: Arcane Forces

The BOOM Library sound team has done it once again! The new sound library: Arcane Forces is their newest magic sound library.


The Arcane Forces bundle packs comes in at 12.8GB with 3,700 sounds. That's a ton of material to help you create your next magical explosion, whoosh, enchant, spell and so much more. The thing I love the most about BOOM's sound libraries is that they provide you with so much material to choose from so it's very easy to whip something up that sounds unique and special. The recordings are always pristine which is very useful with you're pitch bending and modulating with various plugins.

All in all I'm very excited for this new release and I can't wait to create some cool new magic abilities for the two shows I work on: Black Lightning and Supergirl. Be sure to checkout this quick video showing how the BOOM sound team captured the sounds for this incredible new library!




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