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A BIG step up in my career - SUPERGIRL



As you've probably noticed by now (if you follow me on Instagram) I'm now working on Supergirl! It's a huge step forward in my career and I'm so so so excited to be working on such an amazing show! It's definitely been a challenge getting up to speed working on a primetime live action series since I've primarily worked in animation for the last 3.5 years.

This whole process started back in September of 2018 when my buddy Justin Kohler contacted me where we met up for a few drinks and he told me about this great opportunity. Justin has been cutting SFX for Supergirl for seasons 2, 3 and half of 4. He's currently making the transition into mixing the show and that's where I come into the mix. He thought that I'd be a great replacement for him to help cut SFX for the show. Um.... how could I say no?! I practically leapt out of my chair to accept the offer!

Since last September, I've been working very closely with Justin to make sure I've got my bearings for the show. I've been doing a lot of homework by takings tons of notes from past seasons and corresponding with Justin with my inevitable questions.



So far I've completed 8 episodes and I've learned so much from each one of them. The biggest thing I've learned so far by working on a live action show is that you really need to make sure you cover all of the small details i.e. doors opening/closing, distant cars & traffic and small foley movements just to name off a few. Animation has it's own set of challenges as well. It's almost easier to "sell" the audience the sounds you're making because your audience knows that what they're watching is a cartoon and not real life.

I'm incredibly excited and fortunate to be in the position I am and I honestly couldn't be happier to be taking the next step in my audio post career by working on such an exciting series! 😃


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