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God of War Sound Design



I recently finished playing God of War (2018) on my PS4 and it was an incredibly fun adventure to play through! By this point, I've watched dozens of interviews with Cory Barlog where he's show the trials and tribulations, the sacrifices, ups and downs and the countless hours of work that went into making this game. It's truly one of the BEST games I've ever played in my life.

The level of depth and detail that went into the story was incredibly refreshing and interesting. I'm a huge Norse history fan and the fact that this game had so much involvement from that time and history - it made for an incredible story that I'll never forget.

And that's where I want to talk about the audio and sound design that went into this game. From the mystical magic conjured by Freya to the unimaginably powerful World Serpent, this game has such an incredible soundscape through and through. I especially appreciated the small details that went into the foley design and editing. These crucial elements helped make the game feel so alive and natural when you're running around through different environments. One of my absolute favorite sounds in the game (and this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that's played the game!) is when Kratos recalls his Leviathan axe! It has such a satisfying and iconic whooshing effect followed by a slightly magical "ka-thunk!" sound.


If you haven't played this game yet, I would highly recommend investing the time to sit down and play! The story, epic quests and incredible sound design will keep you entranced the entire time! Let me know if you've played God of War if you have any other games you'd recommend that has outstanding sound design!


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