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Jurassic Galaxy

Earlier this year I worked on my first feature film of 2018 - Jurassic Galaxy.



The synopsis of the film is: In the near future, a ship of space explorers travel through a distant solar system and crash land on an unknown, mysterious planet. They’re soon met with some of their worst fears as they discover the planet is inhabited by monstrous dinosaurs. Now, using only their wits and their will to survive, these astronauts must venture across the dangerous landscape and fight off the terrible monsters to find their broken ship if they ever hope to leave the planet alive.


Jurassic Galaxy is a full length 90 min. film with lots and fighting, space ships, and (you guessed it) DINOSAURS!!!


I knew that I was going to need some help tackling this film so I got my buddy Davis Fossum who is an amazing sound effects editor who works on some big name shows over at Larson Studios in Hollywood. He helped create and craft all of the backgrounds for the entire movie and they turned out great!

While Davis was busy working on the Backgrounds, I was busy formulating a strategic approach to such a large film, and since I was the sole Sound Designer for the film; I knew I needed to create an effective battle plan to tackle all of the different sounds for this film. I created all of my "food groups" for my session: Mono(M) SFX 1-30, Stereo(ST) SFX 1-30, Transition FX ST 1-4, Ambience ST 1-10, Robot Companion M 1-12, Monster M 1-10 & ST 1-12, Weapons M 1-12 & ST 1-6, Transportation M 1-12 & ST 1-8, SUB M 1-2 & ST 1-2, and lastly Background M 1-11 & ST 1-21. In addition, I color code each "food group" set of tracks so they can be easily identified while editing. Here's an example of my session:


I definitely had my work cut out for me and I began my epic coffee fueled journey to see this film through!

For the transition SFX, I used Native Instruments Cinematic Rise & Hit toolkit within Kontakt. This toolkit is fantastic for creating time or beat driven whooshes & impacts that definitely add amazing texture and depth to any project!


Here are some sound examples of different "food groups" from the film!


The libraries from Soundmorph were ESSENTIAL for this film to come to life! I've had many blog posts before stating how much of a fan I am of theirs. If you're ever looking for new sounds to add to your library I can't recommend Soundmorph enough! Their libraries are absolutely FANTASTIC!


All in all the film turned out fantastic and the clients were extremely impressed with the emotion and quality of sounds that I was able to deliver. I would recommend having a great session template that you can easily navigate through that has all of your preferred routing, plugins, track layout etc. This will set yourself up for success and a lot of avoided headaches!

As always, if you have any questions or want more insight on my process feel free to reach out to me anytime!

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