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GOTG Season 3 - That's a wrap!

I've been working on Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy animated series for the past two years. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! It feels like only yesterday that I was brought onto the series at the beginning of Season 2.



This season had many creative challenges for me. It pushed me as a sound design/editor to think of new and creative ways to bring the series to life and deliver original sound design. There are a few episodes in particular that are SUPER stylized and were such a blast to work on.

The whole crew in the show go on tons of different adventures and I feel like this season was a great adventure! It's sad that the series is coming to an end :( but that's how things go in this industry. I'm so appreciative of being able to be the sole sound designer for the show! I've learned so much about myself and what I'm capable of creating - especially during super tight deadlines and countless nights of working around the clock!



If you're a fan of Guardians of The Galaxy, be sure to check it out airing on Disney XD! I'm tremendously proud of the entire team and this season! Here's to the next project *raises glass*.

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