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Field Recording session in Reno

This past weekend I was up in Reno to visit friends, family and to celebrate my fiancé and I's engagement with my family up North since we reside in Los Angeles. I decided before we made the trip up that I was going to record some of my dad's toys that live in his amazing garage! I've been creating my mobile SFX recording rig for quite some time and I was super excited to start recording.

First up, recording the 1967 Triumph Bonneville 650cc.

Instructing my dad :)

Setting Levels

I absolutely love this incredible motorcycle. It has such a rich and throaty engine that gives it so much character. I recorded my Dad getting on/off the bike, pulling in the handlebar levers, ignition key on/off, gas cap on/off, gas tank sloshes, kickstand up/down, rear seat mechanism open/close, headlight lamp on/off, kick starting with the ignition off so you could hear the engine trying to turn over, kick starting with the ignition on, engine revs/idling and most importantly... the drive by's!


Last but certainly not least, the 1930 Ford Model A Flathead Hot Rod!

My dad has built and raced a lot of different cars in his lifetime, but this is by far one of my favorites! This thing screams with character and turns heads. This car has such a cool and distinct high pitched whine when it passes.... SO COOL!

I'm so happy with the recordings that I was able to capture and I can't wait to share with you guys what I'm planning on releasing in the future, so stay tuned!

What's some of your favorite things to record? I'd love to hear what everyone is up to!

List of gear used:

If you click on any of the links above I do get a few pennies for recommending you, but rest assured I am in no way linked to the vendors. This is just the equipment I use and love!

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