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New Soundmorph Soundpack - Robotic Lifeforms 2


About 3 months ago, Soundmorph posted on their official Facebook page. The entire sound designer community has been sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of this release!


Soundmorph kept teasing us...


Finally, on July 10th 2018, Soundmorph dropped their latest and BIGGEST release of all time! And I must say that it's been well worth the wait. This soundpack is absolutely HUGE! It's filled with 12.5GB of meticulously curated & crafted robot sound effects.

There are 2,700+ designed sound effects, 1,300+ source audio files recorded in 192 kHz 24Bit with a Sanken CO-100K mic. Transforms, Mechanisms, Movements, Power Servos, Air Hydrolics, Energy, Footsteps, Impacts, Computer Devices, Attack Defense, Textures, Engines, Synth Whooshes, Drills, Air Pneumatics, Motors & Bonus Recordings!

I can't wait to fully explore this ginormous library and use them in my current projects. There's tons of content to work with to make extremely custom sfx. If you're looking to add THE best robotic sound library into your personal arsenal, then I would highly recommend picking up this soundpack. Head on over to Soundmorph's official website and pick it up for yourself - you won't regret it!

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