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Guardians of The Galaxy: Season 3

Guardians of The Galaxy Season 3 is in full effect! I’ve been working very hard on this new season and so far it’s been a blast! We’re just about halfway through the new season and there have been a few new characters. I’ve managed to design some really cool magic and abilities that ended up sounding really cool with the use of Soundmorph’sElemental” and “Future Weapon’s 3” sound-packs. My episodes are seemingly getting bigger and bigger, but that only means that there's more badass things to lookout for!


BIG session!


Since this is the last season of Guardians, the creative team at Marvel has really pushed the limits of a few episodes in terms of animation style and that brought on a lot of new creativity on my end to make these episodes really stand out. I can’t go into the detail of these episodes until they’ve aired, but trust me - you’ll know them when you see them! And if you do happen to see them, let me know what you think of them!

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