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Pitching for a new show

Earlier this month I was tasked to complete the sound design/sound effects for a new Nickelodeon show that was in early development. When I first met with the clients I was kind of nervous because I wanted to make sure that the clients expectations and ideas were fully understood and identified so I could perform and create the best sounding 2 minute sound effects test episode they could get.

I had an absolute blast getting to create all of the unique and fun sound design for this small 2 minute clip! There had to be a bunch of “signature sounds” that were unique to certain characters in the show.



There was a big battle scene between the main character and an evil robot. For a 2 minute episode, the track count was quite large and I’m surprised as to how many elements that I was able to get in the final mix. Here's a picture of some of the plugins I used from SoundToys that helped me achieve the sounds I was shooting for:



I was extremely proud of the content that I had created and I know that the clients were very impressed as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the show which is kind of a bummer, but I still had a blast getting to meet new people from Nickelodeon and helping them get an idea of how their show could sound with some kick ass sound design.

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