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4th Annual Sony Mixsound for Film Event

I'm really excited for the fourth annual Mixsound for Film event which is being held at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver city. This will be my fourth year attending and it's such a great time each year. It's a fantastic setting where you get to be amongst your friends & colleagues within the industry. There are tons of different hour long panels ranging from production audio, music editing, composing, mixing, sound design and more. I always leave the event feeling super inspired to work on more projects!

Last year the main focus of the event was for sound design. The main panel for the sound design event were the sound designers, editors and mixers for the hit show Stranger Things. It was so great hearing from these extremely talented sound designers about their struggles for creating signature sounds for the show. It definitely validates some of the feelings I get when I'm in a creative slump and seeing how other creatives overcome their hurdles in a project was really inspiring.

If you're interested in attending the event, you can find more information here:

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