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New BOOM Library Release: Monsters & Beasts


The BOOM sound team have done it YET again! And wow.... this new sound library is absolutely EPIC! I work on a lot of content that requires me to create monster/creature vocals and I'm always looking for new material to add to my library so I can keep creating new content and this is one of the best additions to my library to date!

If you plan on purchasing a monster SFX library, you'd better be considering this library considering that it has over 4,600 sounds to help construct any type of creature that you could imagine. Since all of the recordings were recorded at 192kHz - you can go crazy pitch shifting and manipulating these sounds to your hearts content knowing that you won't be getting much (if any) artifacts.

There's a huge pool of recordings to help get you started on your latest monster vocals. Some of these raw recordings come from: lions, hyenas, tigers, sheep, foxes, pigs, owls and many many more! Take a listen to some of the Designed and Construction recordings:


If listening to those two samples doesn't get you hyped to purchase this library, check out the promo video!


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