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New Soundmorph Soundpack - Monster Within

When I saw in my email inbox that Soundmorph had just released a BRAND NEW soundpack I could hardly contain my excitement (super nerdy... I know)! I cruised on over to the Soundmorph website and saw that they had just released a brand new soundpack called "Monster Within". I swiftly logged into my account and started downloading the new pack. Once downloaded, I extracted all the files, put them on my SFX drive and loaded them into Soundminer. Finally, after Soundminer indexed all of the new sounds, I started going through and auditioning all of the different growls, taunts, breaths, attacks, etc.

This sound effects pack is huge! It contains over 3,000 sound files. It's really nice having so many different options to choose from when I'm designing new and unique monster vocals. The Monster Within soundpack has a great variety of different samples to choose from. I found myself getting the results I wanted by combining different monster frequencies together so I got a nice blend of lows, mids and highs.

I'm currently very busy working on Guardians of The Galaxy season 3 and this soundpack couldn't have come at a better time! There's a scene where Drax is fighting off a lot of crazy monsters and it was the perfect opportunity to use the Monster Within sound effects from Soundmorph!

If you're looking to add unique and absolutely terrifying monsters to your SFX library, I would highly recommend picking up this soundpack! Head on over to Soundmorph's official website and pick it up for yourself - you won't regret it!

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