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New BOOM Library Release: Modern UI

When I woke up this morning I was extremely excited to see that BOOM had just released a brand new SFX library!

I'm a really big fan of everything that's produced and created by BOOM Library. The quality in all of their products are top shelf and their library's are absolute staples in my SFX library.

This sound effects pack is a pretty decent size coming in at 8.3GB. It contains over 3,800 sound files. It's really nice having so many different options to choose from! I'm getting amazing results with combining some of the large whooshy growls with other robotic SFX I have in my library to create super unique robot vocalizations and movements! Another great thing about BOOM Library's is that they give you a lot of elements in the low, mid and high frequency ranges to help you create something super cool that will pop out during the mix!

All in all, this was an amazing purchase and I would recommend it to EVERYONE. Even if you're not working on anything that's sci-fi related; this library is very versatile!

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